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Alone we can’t possibly make a dent in changing the 7 out of 10 people disengaged at work statistic our products are intended to accomplish all by ourselves. We need solid Joint Venture Partner Affiliates who have complimentary business outcome enhancing products to help us promote what we offer.

 ¨ Product Outcomes:
Maximizing the culture of a business for engagement of their  people & teamwork
for effectiveness and dramatically increased profit$$$

¨ Niche Market:  Business Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Leaders
**with a SPECIALTY NICHE of Business Owners who are, or who have been, RACE CAR DRIVERS.

¨ Commission: 30% 1st tier, 20% 2nd tier (on any product upsell we make after first purchase).

¨ How we can support you: All products and services you deliver that improve business results for your clients will be enhanced by Profit From Happiness™.
And we can promote your product to our clients knowing it will work for them as promised.

OUR PRODUCT: SALES FUNNEL:  (Prices range from $197/month to $100k/year
how eliminating those mistakes makes possible a marketing strategy that attracts and keeps customers like crazy and costs nothing.

>Complimentary “BREAKTHROUGH SESSION To Maximize Your People & Teamwork For Effectiveness And TRIPLE Your Profits.” $1000.00 Value

> GET HAPPIER NOW! SUCCEED LIKE NEVER BEFORE (Commission paid each month)
Ongoing membership group coaching program
Experience the Extraordinary Results in your business AND in your life when you increase your happiness. And HAPPINESS then becomes the cause of your success.

For business owners/leaders -Leveraging the power of a group to build your business
2 times per month conference calls and two in person 1 day retreats per year
maximum 10 per group

Coaching your relationship to maximize your teamwork, effectiveness, innovation and creativity in your business. 2 times per month conference calls.

> (for 6 to 15 people) PROFIT FROM HAPPINESS MASTERY!
Management team coaching/training program
-Insuring that Business leaders and managers fully master and practice the why and how to have their people working from a sense of control, progress, connection, meaning/purpose and thus being happy and fully engaged in their work.

High Performing Leadership Business Culture Coaching
Ensuring the high-performance culture mastery continues and expands.

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