The Power of One


What gives you a sense of control?

Today’s story speaks to the first quality of happiness – having a sense of control.

If we stop and think about it, we all have way more control than we sometimes think we do.
In the quoted story below.  Either one of the foremen could have taken immediate control and acted differently.

And here is what is really powerful, anytime in the five following years ANY individual could have started a peace process.
Just like the intolerance and spirit of dislike spread , so would a step in a more positive manner.

And yes any individual could have started it and saved the business and several thousand jobs.

 In one of the great industrial plants two young foremen “locked horns” because one received a promotion which the other believed he should have had.
For more than five years the silent undertow of hatred and intolerance showed itself.
The men under each of the foremen became inoculated with the spirit of dislike which they saw cropping out in their superiors.
Slowly the spirit of retaliation began to spread over the entire plant.
The men became divided into little cliques.
Production began to fall off.
Then came financial difficulty and finally bankruptcy for the company.
Now the bones of a once prosperous business “lie bleaching in the sun,” and the two foremen and several thousand others were compelled to start all over again, in another field.

from  Napoleon Hill   “The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons ”

The big lesson we see in this story is that apparently no one else in the company took on the responsibility to stabilize and restore value being delivered within and between the relationships of people working together. When we set the intention and make a priority to build and sustain the intangible qualities of happiness these tragic outcomes are avoided.

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Taking “Profit from Happiness” Into Your Life & Business

As you go thru your days this week, notice if their are places where you could make a different choice and make your life better.

It may be a situation that has existed for a long time, or it may be something new.

Either way, take a chance and take control.

You’ll be amazed what a difference YOU can make when you do this..

Love to hear  what happens to your sense of control doing this.

Why Add More Meaning And Purpose


I am reading  Napoleon Hill’s book “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.”   He wrote this before “Think and Grow Rich” and today this quote jumped out to me as a perfect example of how PURPOSE can make us happy and create more engaged employees.


 It also reminded me of a story of two stone masons.
Although both were paid the same wage, one always seemed to love going to work and the other talked about his job as if it were a total drudge.

When both were asked to describe more about what they did they had very different answers.

The one who found his job to be a drudge explained, “I go to work each day and there is a pile of stones or bricks ready for us.
All day I have to take that whole pile and put them one on top of each other until the end of the day.
The next day I do it all over again.
Each day is the same and it is so tiring and boring.”

When the second man was asked to describe his job he told a very different story.
He had this to say, “Each day is so exciting, as I’m building the most wonderful buildings.
You see that office building over there,  I helped build it.
And the new church two blocks over, that has my work in it too.
For the next few weeks I’ll be building a school where kids will spend years learning.
My job couldn’t be any better.”

Connected to purpose and mission the second man was incredibly more happy than the first.
Notice that the big difference here was all about perspective and both men could have had the same perspective.

It is a matter of stopping to realize how important your job really is.

Taking “Profit from Happiness” Into Your Life & Business

 This week look for places where you can show someone else the purpose of a task or job.

This may be someone you work with or it could be a friend or even one of your kids.

What is true is that this time spent looking for purpose can both help them and you be so much happier.

And it can even be yourself that you bring this new perspective.

Connecting to Purpose and Meaning always adds to happiness.

“The Greatest Hoax of Our Time”

Which is more you?

Have a question for you. Which of these phrases initially fits your perspective the most?
a) “Happiness from Profits”
b) “Profit from Happiness”™

As you think about your answer, here are some statistics to consider:

• “7 out of 10 people are disengaged or actively disengaged at work.” -Gallup
• “75% of business cultures are low performing.” –the book “Tribal Leadership”
• “Only 20% of people love their jobs.” -book “Leaders Eat Last” [Read more…]