Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching philosophy:

In 20 years of coaching the 3 most important things I have learned that truly inspires greatness in other people are:

  • Knowing and embracing the notion that every person is born to be great and are naturally Resourceful, Creative, and Whole; that Greatness is a birthright.
  • The human brain is hard wired for interactions with other people, the quality of those interactions either greatly enhance, or sabotage the expression of greatness.
  • Speaking the thoughts and ideas one has to the ‘mindful’ listening of another person is what ultimately brings that thought or idea into existence.

Many people mistakenly think that success in Business, Sports, or Life comes from being highly skilled at them. Consequently they put most of their attention on improving skills. High skill level is important (20% of the equation), but it is not the primary factor that determines success. Studies have identified that there are really only two things that are prerequisites to success – Attitude (mental perspective, thought process, happiness) and Habits (the ability to change old habits into new ones). These are also two things that are very difficult to manage or change on your own. Simply because being IN whatever Attitude and/or Habit we are in, we generally fail to see the larger forest beyond the trees immediately around us. Where someone else, with the right capabilities, can see it easily and bring it to our attention where we can then change it.

When you look at top level athletics and professional sports and compare the skill level of the winners compared to the losing teams or athletes you will find precious little difference if any. Yet typically there are those who consistently win more often than the others they compete against (think of coach John Wooden and winning 7 consecutive NCAA championships). The reason for that is winners have a winner’s attitude and mental approach to their sport that their competitors don’t have.

They also surround themselves with people who support and reinforce the attitude and mental approach that makes them a winner. The most important of these people are their coach(s). You will find that the coaches consistent winners use are those who understand that the foundation of winner performance is attitude and mental approach, and they won’t waste their time on coaching skills until the attitude foundation is built and consistently maintained.

In the business world the correlating success factor to Attitude and mental approach in athletics and sports is the Culture of a business. The culture of a business is the cumulative expression of all the Attitudes and Habits of the business owner(s), managers, and employees within the business.

In the economic environment that business operates in today the following Peter Drucker quote “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” is truer than ever. The winners in business are those whose culture fosters the highest level of innovation. Innovation thrives in a culture of Vitality that includes: high levels of trust, acknowledgement, collaboration, two way communication, solution focus, and most importantly – you must know what you stand for (values) and what you live for (noble cause).

The people within a business culture that has these qualities will naturally innovate and additionally have the greatest capacity to embrace and implement the new ideas and strategies they come up with.  It’s the culture of innovation rather than skills that enable them to adapt to the rapidly changing market of today and thrive in it. Some companies you might recognize that are known for their cultures: Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom’s, Starbucks, IBM, Gore-Tex… One company stands out and really makes the point! is one of the most successful companies in business today. Since Tony Hsieh took the helm in 2000 the company has grown gross revenue from $1.6M then to over $1B in 2008. Here’s a quote from their website.

“At, our #1 focus is our company culture. We believe that if we get the culture right, most of the other stuff, like great customer service and an enduring brand, will happen naturally on its own.” has set itself apart because they made their culture a conscious intention and clearly defined focus for the company such that everyone in the company is not only aligned with the core values they chose – everyone lives by them every day.

We believe that the role of coaching in business performance is just as, if not more, essential to the ultimate success of the business than the role coaching has in athletics and sports. And in the same way that successful athletic coaches focus first on attitude and mindset, successful business coaches must first focus on the ‘culture of innovation’ a business must have.  Business must have the right kind of Coaches to optimize a culture of Vitality, Collaboration, and Innovation for the company as a whole, departments/divisions within the company (particularly sales), and key individuals throughout the company.

To learn how we are/have the right coaches to do this for you/your company let us schedule an informational interview and a trial coaching session with you right away.


Robert Cornish, CPCC, MCC