Culture Sync ATLs

Barry Bettman, PCC, ATL

Executive Producer Tribal Leadership, Workplace Culture Approved Tribal Leader Consultant, Professional Certified Coach

• Coaching individuals and teams of organizations from C level executives to workers in the trenches in order maximize performance, profit and professionalism.

• Facilitating needs assessments, delivered effective programs, and conducted training in a wide variety of process improvement and people skills to impact both the bottom line and the company culture.

• Developing leaders to increase their power, presence and performance as world class executives.

Robert Cornish CPCC, MCC, ATL, aka “The Winner’s Coach”

How can I Inspire Greatness? That’s the operating question Robert lives from each day. A.k.a. “The Winner’s Coach” is from the time when he started coaching fellow racecar drivers, and it was typically those who were already winners who hired him (and won more often). Robert coached drivers who won 13 SCCA National Championships, Mazda MX 5 Cup Championship, and the only American driver since Mario Andretti to win an FIA world championship title.

He has also created a Corporate Leadership training program that uses racecar driving as the learning experience; which has participants, who know nothing about the activity, effectively coach one another to learn that activity quicker than conventional teaching by “experts” does.

Now he is working with business leadership through “Your Culture Matters” to generate the kind of business culture that produces extraordinary performance.

Robert is a “profound creative” and early adopter by nature. These qualities have shaped his 20+ year career as a Master Coach, and led him to become a CultureSync Approved Tribal Leader and to facilitate others becoming Approved Tribal Leaders as part of the CultureSync Approval team.

Robert holds that the primary determining factor in human performance ‘Greatness’ individually and within teams and tribes that make up a business culture is the quality of the relationships that every person has with other people. Those relationships will either inspire or sabotage ‘Greatness’. At the heart of greatness is the level at which people are genuinely happy.

For Robert it’s an outrage how much human potential is lost every day, simply because people don’t know how to treat one another in a way that promotes that happiness. We can change that, Robert knows how to inspire that greatness for others, and more importantly how to enable others as leaders to do the same.

Ross Girardi

Ross Girardi is the Managing Director of Conscious Management Consulting (CMC), a firm that is dedicated to improving the world by upgrading the organizational cultures and leadership of businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Ross believes that everyone has meaning, purpose and something unique to contribute to the world.  Drawing upon his background in Tribal Leadership and his philosophy based upon Conscious Capitalism, he is committed to assisting clients with unleashing the great gifts of all employees.

Ross has over 20 years of leadership and senior management experience with Fortune 500 companies and U.S. Federal Government agencies.  His clients included the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, the Air National Guard Readiness Center, DC National Guard, Virginia Army National Guard, the National Guard Bureau, the Departments of the Army, Air Force and Navy and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Since 2010, Ross has served on the Board of Directors of the Boothby Institute a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created to provide people the opportunity to experience ownership and responsibility in a climate of empathy and loving-kindness. To this end they offer the core program “What One Person Can Do” plus other consulting and training activities.

Ross is a former Army Officer who served in a number of positions including Pentagon Action Officer, Training & Operations Officer, OCS TAC Officer, Aide de Camp to the Commanding General, and Division G1 staff officer.

Ross is an artist and his paintings are featured at Fine Art America.