Employee Engagement


Attn: Business owners, Managers, Supervisors –

The REAL reason people don’t like working for you…

Most people aren’t happy in their jobs – including, very likely, your people. Did you know that 7 out of 10 people are either disengaged or hate their jobs?

It’s sadly true, Gallup has been surveying employee engagement for decades and the number haven’t really changed more than a few percentage points over this time. The cost of this to businesses is huge, not just in lower profits, but the survival of the business at all.

Business owners and leaders have been trying to solve this problem by paying people more, giving stock option incentives, or providing extra perks that over time just don’t work. It’s gotten to the point where business leaders believe that this situation is just the way that it is.

We know differently. The real reason employees are disengaged is that the owners, managers, and supervisors simply, and unknowingly, treat them in ways that undermine what makes people happy doing their work.

Our solution is embedded in our HEP formula; Happiness plus Engagement equals Profits. We help you learn how to treat your people differently, and in such ways that the four known elements that foster genuine happiness are always present in your workplace.

The results – your people typically triple or more what they produce!