“Happiness, Success, And Money – Succeed Like Never Before”

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How positive is your mindset about your happiness, success and money? (Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10)

If you rated yourself 8 or higher you are among a small percentage of people and most likely consciously or not you are living your life FROM Happiness rather than living your life FOR Happiness like most people do. Whooo Hooo! keep it up! The things you want in your life likely come easily to you.

Now rate yourself on each of the following elements: (on a 0 to 10 scale)

  • Having a sense of Control _____
  • Having a sense of Progress (towards a goal or outcome) _____
  • Having a sense of Connection or Belonging (with other people) _____
  • Having  a sense of  Meaning or Purpose ____

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Testimonials for “”Money, Success And Happiness- Succeed Like Never Before””

It’s provided more camaraderie which allows me to have more freedom, there’s more progress being made and a lot of feeling like there’s control over just the business and for my team. You know what, I hadn’t realized that we were missing being connected. We always felt like we were a family but I didn’t realize how important that was and how to involve the rest of my staff in having that be something that is natural.
Sanjiv Jain, owner of Legacy Real Estate Inc., a full service real estate brokerage that specializes on working with high net worth real estate investors.

Everyone is taking more ownership of what they are doing. There is definitely more initiative. We can all see the progress and we’re getting closer to the goals of our ideal of what we want for our business.
Mabel & Alphonse Bland, Owners of Bonsai Enterprises, LLC provides insurance and patient billing services for family practitioners, internists and pediatricians.

My profits have increased. My bottom line for my business has increased from when I started the program because now I’m bringing in more awareness and it’s helping me personally to work on some things that I struggled with. Basically it’s getting in your own way and it’s like oh it makes sense.
Jillian Verdun of JMV Financial Services. She increases the profitability of businesses in not only bookkeeping, accounting and taxes but she maximizes your profits

In the last more than six months I’ve been engaged in the program I think what I’ve been able to do is to accomplish a lot of backlog of client matters that have been there since like forever. I’m pretty well through with the backlog, moving on to new matters and not accumulating new backlog anymore. ——Progress is one of the key elements in this training. I can see myself having aha moments all the time just from what I learn here. And so I really appreciate that and I’m grateful for it.
-John Skapars. Widely known and respected for his legal expertise in employee benefits.
Owner of Skapars & Associates PC