Is This You?

Grow Your Business & Leadership Skills!

  • You are an active or former race car driver (professional or club racer).

  • You are creative, independent and highly intelligent.

  • You are a business owner/CEO, COO, business leader (including Solopreneur).

  • You’re in this business for more than just the money. You believe in your product/service and what it does for your customer/clients.

  • Your business may be growing and expanding to new locations where you will be hiring new people who need to be brought into and aligned with your existing culture.

  • You like being a business owner/leader more than anything else and are committed to being great at it, so much so that you are willing to reach outside yourself to attain that greatness. 

  • You are committed to success – accepting anything less is not you; and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach it. You want to make a difference and you want to be highly successful at it!

  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your business – you know there are very few athletes, sports teams or business leaders who reach greatness by themselves. They routinely rely on coaches, mentors, or others to heighten their greatness. 

    The Challenges 

  • You fall into one of these 3 areas:
    1) You are profitable but profits could definitely be better.
    You’re just not sure how to make them better.
    2) You are barely profitable.
    3) You are not profitable and looking for ways to stay in business.

  • Finding or keeping  good people to work for you is a challenge, maybe even a  major challenge.

  • Things fall apart if you are not there (you seldom if ever take vacations).

  • You find it hard to get employees to consistently do their job the right way.

  • You rarely get referrals  from your  customers.

  • Your best people quit for another job.

  • You are struggling with how to blend and create alignment & high productivity with  group of your long term staff with new staff.



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