Profit from Leadership Conversation Mastery!

Profit from Leadership Conversation Mastery!

“7 out of 10 people are disengaged or actively disengaged at work” Gallup
Only “1 out of 10 managers have the skills and ability to be good managers” Gallup

These two statistics are the driving motivation behind “Profit From Happiness Mastery”.
It’s likely they are present in your business – and costing you significant profits you could easily be making if your people were happy and fully engaged.

If you have any challenges with people in your business as an owner or manager “Profit From Happiness Mastery” could be exactly right for you.

You could be getting:

Results of happy people at work: (Compiled by Zappos)
33% higher profitability (Gallup)
43% more productivity (Hay Group)
37% higher sales (Shawn Achor)
300% more innovation (HBR)
51% lower turnover (Gallup)
50% less safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde)
66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes)
125% less burnout (HBR)

Profit from Leadership Conversation Mastery! is:
• Designed for a single business entity with 6 – 24 people participating.
• Five month Experiential learning and follow-up coaching program delivered through live MaestroConference advanced tele-conference technology
• Participants Get It! Keep it! And Do It! For Real!

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Testimonials for Profit from Leadership Conversation Mastery!

Our whole staff participated. Everyone is taking more ownership of what they are doing. There is definitely more initiative. We can all see the progress and we’re getting closer to the goals of our ideal of what we want for our business.
-Mabel & Alphonse Bland, Owners of Bonsai Enterprises, LLC provides insurance and patient billing services for family practitioners, internists and pediatricians.