Profoundly Happy People At Work

How can I make more money and profits in my business?

This is the question most Business owners and Leaders ask all the time. And all too often the answers to that question that are tried fail to produce the results desired. That’s because how can I make more money is the Wrong question to ask.

Today we know differently, making money is an insufficient motivator for reaching the highest levels of “Greatness” human beings strive for in business, sports/athletics, or any of the arts. There are now numerous scientific studies in Neuroscience and human psychology, and extensive research projects that refute the myth about money and success. Money is merely a useful measurement of success rather than a motivator. So what is the motivator for “Greatness”?

Would you describe yourself and most or all of your employees as being profoundly happy at work?

If you answered no, we can confidently say that you are only producing a third to a fifth of what you could be producing if you were profoundly happy.

We would bet you’ve been buying into the long established myth (as most of us have for so long) that happiness comes from working hard and struggling to finally reach success, accomplishment, or getting something you want. Have you noticed that the happiness you get from success like this is superficial and pretty short lived?

Turns out (and the research and studies prove) that it’s the other way around, and that being happy first is what leads to the greatest success, accomplishment, and getting what you want, and that this happiness stays and grows even deeper over time such that those high levels of greatness success are sustained. (Your measurement of success, making way more money goes up too!)

We think the Right question for business owners and Leaders to ask is:

How can I, and our people be happier?

Which is why we “graciously collaborate with business leaders generating profoundly happy people at work, doing what they love, tripling or more the outcomes they produce”.

We are certified coaches or professionals trained by CultureSync as “Approved Tribal Leaders” in the art of transforming business cultures into high performing “We’re Great” cultures that change the world.

We facilitate with you a process that connects you to the compelling “Why” you are in business and the true “Core Values” your business stands for, which is the underlying foundation that drives everything you and your people do in the business.

We co-create with you the inter-relationship qualities and structures of your business culture that generate profound happiness for your people using in person experiential training programs, and virtual (by phone or other technology) ongoing coaching engagements with individuals and people working together. We design these programs with you based on the existing circumstances determined by assessments made at the time of engagement and periodically throughout our working together.