Start With Why?

Unhappy Employees

Our Big Idea

Most businesses struggle to stay profitable. Gallup surveys say ‘7 out of 10 employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged (hate their jobs) at work’. Add to that from Gallup ‘only 1 in 10 managers have the skills to be effective in their role’.

What’s the number one reason employees give for why they quit their jobs?

They blame their bosses, managers, and supervisors for the way they treat them.

We all know this. We see the effects every day with people we know around us, so many of our friends, acquaintances, family members complain about their jobs. We laugh at it in Dilbert comics because we relate to it. Worst of all is the effects aren’t limited to the workplace, they get carried over to our home lives in destructive ways with our relationships to our loved ones.

Nothing ever seems to work to turn this situation around. It’s been this way for decades! We keep doing the same things expecting a different outcome. Insanity right?

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

We think the reason for this is that very few of us are ever  taught, or have even experienced how to treat one another in the ways that inspire greatness and generate happiness…

Our solution: Create and deliver Virtual Experiential Training events specifically for Business Owners, Managers, and Supervisors who have the highest impact on people in the workplace being happy, engaged, and loving their jobs. And follow it up with Virtual coaching sessions over a long enough period for the new behavior to be fully established.

Twenty years ago when I was being trained and certified  by CTI in The Co-Active Coaching model, Laura Whitworth, one of the founders of CTI said this: “All the problems in the world exist simply because people don’t know how to treat one another, well we can change that.” Treating people differently, as a coach, to inspire greatness in them has been my overriding purpose ever since.

Positive psychology studies, and neuroscience research are validating methods pioneered by the Coaching profession and opening new understanding of how the human brain works, For example, we now know we have been living a “Flat Earth” belief that working hard and being successful is what makes us happy. When it’s actually the other way around, we can dramatically accelerate achieving successes when we are first happy . Thus our  HEP formula “Happiness plus Engagement equals Profits” was born.