“The Greatest Hoax of Our Time”

Which is more you?

Have a question for you. Which of these phrases initially fits your perspective the most?
a) “Happiness from Profits”
b) “Profit from Happiness”™

As you think about your answer, here are some statistics to consider:

• “7 out of 10 people are disengaged or actively disengaged at work.” -Gallup
• “75% of business cultures are low performing.” –the book “Tribal Leadership”
• “Only 20% of people love their jobs.” -book “Leaders Eat Last”

Most of us have been led to believe happiness comes from getting things we want
or achieving something significant in life. This might include winning a gold medal,
graduating college, getting married, making big profits in your business, etc. So we
work hard to achieve these things only to find that it’s not enough and something is
still missing. We are then sure that if we just work harder, go on to the next thing or
accomplishment we will surely then be happy. Sound familiar?
The Great “Happiness from Profits” Hoax:

Before Columbus, Europeans traveled only East by land in order to acquire silk and
other treasures from China because they believed the Earth was flat. This false belief
is on par with the phrase “Happiness from Profits”. Columbus took on the belief that
the Earth is round and that led to the unexpected discovery of America and vast other
discoveries and new previously unimagined wealth followed.

The change in thinking that “The Earth is round” relates to our phrase “Profits from
Happiness”™, with a similarly dramatic magnitude shift of increase in your wealth and
profits. When you focus on increasing Happiness first then Happiness becomes the
cause rather than the result of your actions.
When you’re happy, everything just works better, including prosperity!

Increasing “Your Profits from Happiness” BONUS:
Our reliable Happiness Survey:

First here are the four elements of Happiness. Note that it is a known fact that when you become
more aware of anything, by putting your focus on it, it will increase. So when you measure and
track these four elements of Happiness they will become more present in your life and result in
more lasting happiness for you.

1. Sense of Control (ability to make choices and decisions on doing work and how to
advance or improve your position)
2. Sense of Progress (you see yourself making progress toward a future outcome you’re
striving for)
3. Sense of Belonging (you feel connected to other people, that you belong together as
a part of something)
4. Sense of Meaning/purpose (your work has meaning to it and that you align with that
meaning. It fulfills a higher purpose beyond yourself.)

Now here is the process for rating your own happiness; score each element from 1-5 on how present it is in your life:
______ Sense of Control
______ Sense of Progress
______ Sense of Belonging
______ Sense of Meaning/Purpose

Anything less than a 4 on any element is an area that is decreasing your happiness and an
indication of where you can focus to improve.

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